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Amiraj Plastic industries strives to give quality product.

Since 1997, we are working hard to create quality and stand product to compete in the market with all government guidelines.



Our main vision for the customer is to provide best quality product at as reasonable rate. Quality product is our main motto. Our products are Ropes and shade nets, high quality product brands are Lion and kaveri.

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We provide every kind of Industrial Solution.


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Our Products

High Performance Ropes For Multiple Industries!

we provide high quality plastic ropes that fits in any environment and due to high quality material used it is also highly durable. Our shade nets also have durable life due to quality buildup. Work with us and experience quality

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Lion Brand Ropes
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Kaveri Brand Ropes
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Horse Brand Ropes
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Cheetah Brand Ropes
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Giraffe Brand Ropes
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Panda Brand Ropes
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Zebra Brand Ropes
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Lion Brand Shade Nets
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Kaveri Brand Shade Nets
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Quality Assurance

Our Products are manufactured with finest technologically enabled machineries made and researched in Israel, Germany, and USA.

Our products are made using Premium grade Polymers to make it Durable, Highly Weather resistant and Protective in adverse climatic conditions.

Quality is like a synonym for our brand and an image of our company. That’s what makes us different in industry.